8 Ways to Overcome Procrastination

How to Overcome Procrastination

Looking for ways to overcome procrastination? You might be slack at finishing tasks or you’re just productive at doing unimportant things.

Procrastination is what we all are combating nowadays.

You easily get bored. Have no proper schedule. Every time you undertake a job, you start feeling overwhelmed after a couple of minutes and prefer useless activities instead of completing your tasks first.

Procrastination highly kills one’s productivity in every manner. Despite knowing this fact, why do we procrastinate? Because we fail at accomplishing tasks on time and are afraid of failing at them.

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Since you keep losing your productivity, you get away from your success. You become lazy, prefer something pointless instead of the one you should be doing, and like to spend most of your time in your comfort zone.

Getting rid of procrastination is not a very big task. You only need to be motivated and sincere with your goals.

Procrastination is an unpleasant habit that you need to cut off right now if you want to reach new heights.

8 Ways to Overcome Procrastination

Follow these eight leading ways to stop procrastination and pave your path to success.

1. Stop Catastrophizing.

Every individual among the three procrastinates. Whenever he is given a task, he catastrophizes thinking either the granted work is boring or hard to do.

Don’t think of the stress. Take your work easy.

The best way to finish a difficult task is to get started.

2. Get a Good Environment.

To overcome procrastination and become more productive, surround yourself with good people and have a working environment.

If you work in an office and there is a sense of respect among the employees you work with, you do your work effectively and efficiently. This is where work done is up to the mark.

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3. Set Yourself a Short Deadline.

Setting deadlines for a particular task helps us achieve our goals in time.

You get the incredible motivation to accomplish your work goals. Although, it can also lead you to stress, endeavor to be optimistic every moment.

Direction, focus, satisfaction–all comes together when you set yourself short deadlines.

In this way, you get a proper schedule, and you don’t work less or more. Similarly, you don’t get stressed or anxious and enjoy things while working.

4. Get a Partner.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”–Helen Keller

Working alone seems daunting.

Getting the right partner enhances your interest in doing work, and you truly overcome your procrastination.

5. Break Down a Big Project Into Smaller Steps.

Dealing with big projects might be one of the main reasons why we’re likely to procrastinate at work.

If you have got a large project, and it seems too overwhelming to carry out, you can break it down into smaller milestones.

You can write all the possible steps for each subproject and note down the time it will take to complete.

Hence, you won’t have any burden, and everything will go smoothly.

6. Minimize Distractions.

Mute your unnecessary WhatsApp group chats. Block all the Instagram or Facebook notifications. Lastly, unsubscribe from all inessential Emails. In short, remove your smartphone from your workspace.

Of course, there might be other distractions that may lead you to keep aside your work. You would have to stop doing things that have nothing to do with your goals.

7. Motivate Yourself.

There’s always a motivation either negative or positive behind our every action. With that said, you should have a strong motive while doing any job.

You could give yourself a pep talk for motivation to do so.

“Stay positive, work hard, and make it happen.”

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8. Figure Out Why You Procrastinate.

Finding out what’s the reason at the back of your procrastination may prevent you from further delaying your work.

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