Best Free Blogging Sites to Earn Money (2022)

Best Free Blogging Sites to Make Money

Blogging is an evergreen idea when it comes to earning some good bucks. It would never get old even though there might be people saying it’s not worth starting blogging, it’s too late, the niches are overflowing, and blah blah.

Though, you’ve not shared your opinion regarding that matter. A good number of people may like your way of putting things.

To get started, the first and foremost item you’d probably need is the best blogging platform for your blog.

There are many free blogging sites out there you can take the help of to get started.

However, no blogging platform is completely free. It will cost you at some point, but the costs may vary.

4 Free Blogging Sites to Earn Passive Income

Choosing the best option for your blog might be a difficult and confusing task at first. For your ease, we have mentioned the blogging sites’ options along with their pros and cons so you could select the one based on your requirements and needs.

1. Blogger

No free blogging site can take over the position of “Blogger” at number one.

Blogger is one of the most popular blogging platforms. It is a free-to-use service owned by Google.

You can start writing for your blog without paying a single penny. All you need is a valid Google account.

Sign up for Blogger, enter your site name, and choose the best subdomain that suits your niche.

You could then download and customize themes, blocks, and certain features.

However, a custom domain is recommended. It will cost you nothing but less than $20. Otherwise, your domain would look like:, which hurts your blog’s professionalism and authority.


  1. Creating a blog website in minutes.
  2. Easy configuration and layout settings.
  3. No premium features are required.
  4. No more worry about traffic and bandwidth limit.


  1. Since Blogger is one of Google’s services, you don’t own your blog.
  2. Subdomain feature weakens site’s authenticity.
  3. Lack of SEO techniques, features, and suggestions.
  4. Can’t add plugins that could give a boost to your blog.
  5. Themes are limited to use.
  6. Support is not up to the mark.

2. Medium

Medium has approximately 22 million+ impressions per day, which makes it one of the finest blogging platforms out there. Its simple look and layout give a quality experience to the visitors.

However, the earning money method on Medium is different among all the options.

They have their own program known as Medium Partner Program (MPP). It pays based on the reading time of your published articles.

It would not be wrong if you called it a “Social Blogging Platform” since people can follow you, clap on your posts, comment on them, and share them with others.

The “Curation System” of Medium is just astonishing when it comes to increasing views on articles.

Simply put, whenever you post an article, and Medium gets it as useful for others and genuinely provides a meaningful read, it distributes that piece of yours. Your work can be featured on the feed, popular articles section, and recommended reading as well.

The post is usually called a “Story” in Medium game. You can share your stories on social pages and get more visitors.


  1. “Make Your Publication” makes it easy for you to run a blog and gather all of your articles in one place.
  2. A great start for every beginner in the field of blogging.
  3. The curators are a blessing in disguise.
  4. A good platform to showcase all your work and build a strong portfolio, especially if you’re a content writer.


  1. Medium has strict policies. It won’t give you another chance if you are found violating its terms and conditions.
  2. Everyone can write on this platform, but only a few amounts of people are getting paid. The reason is the “Stripe Supported Countries.” Only those users earn money who reside in the country supported by Stripe. (Stripe is a kind of e-wallet that connects businesses and customers to make secure transactions.)
  3. It is mandatory to gain one hundred followers before applying for MPP. Although, it is effortless to achieve this threshold.


You’d probably have been through WordPress recommendations when looking for free blogging sites online. Basically, there are two types of WordPress.

One is, and the other is The .org one is self-hosted, and it is usually overpriced, whereas has cheap paid plans and provides quality features among all the blogging platforms. is everyone’s first choice when starting a blog as a hobby, and not too much concern regarding money stuff. You can monetize your blog, though.


  1. Best SEO plugins and features.
  2. Tons of fascinating themes and customization.
  3. The assistance of Website Builder.
  4. Plans are cheap as chips.


  1. Not a good option for making passive income.
  2. Most of its users experience slow page speed.
  3. They can shut your blog down without any warning or notification.

4. Wix

Wix is another option you can consider while searching the free blogging platforms. Although, Wix offers a premium solution as well.

This software company was founded in 2006, and as of now, it is doing a great job.

Wix’s other services are applauded all over the globe.

As far as blogging solution is concerned, it offers you the best features to build a great blog website. The free one is not that good but can give you a good start and understanding of the world of blogging.


  1. The templates are modern and satisfactory.
  2. Site speed is incredibly fast.
  3. SEO features availability.
  4. Customer support is worth appreciating.


  1. Limited bandwidth even if you did buy the most expensive plan.
  2. Fixed Wix Ads on your blog.
  3. If you have long-term planning, better to find an alternative to Wix.

Best One for You

There are hundreds of free blogging sites you can go with.

But selecting the right blocks makes your journey uncomplicated. With that said, first, find your needs and find out what you’re gonna do with your blog. It would be easy for you to pick the best one.

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