5 Popular Social Media Platforms for Business Promotion

Best Social Media Platforms for Business

Your business can survive for decades if it has an online presence. Rather it has become mandatory for every new business to have an online existence in order to stay in the limelight.

However, numerous platforms you can use to grow your business online and reach more potential customers.

No matter where consumers live, they would always get your services just by tapping their smartphone screens.

In today’s world, no other option is better than social media platforms for business marketing.

You can directly interact with your target audience and sell products to them.

You can also think about creating a website for your business to enhance the authenticity of your business.

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5 Social Media Platforms for Business Promotion

To know the best social media apps for the further extension of your business, follow this list:

1. Facebook.

Monthly Active Users: 2.89 Billion

Facebook has become the largest social media network worldwide. It is the only social media platform that helps you reach more users with its low-cost marketing strategy.

To get started, sign up for a Facebook profile, publish a page on your business name, and share its necessary information.

Your business details include its address, contact number, website address (if any), business email, and other social pages like Twitter and Instagram to your page.

Share pictures and videos related to your business niche and raise your brand awareness.

Your customer can directly contact you via customer support. On the other hand, you could ask them about their experience or any kind of feedback either.

Also, monetize your page through Facebook Partner Program and earn passive income from that.

2. Instagram.

Monthly Active Users: 1 Billion

Instagram is another massive social network with over one billion users per month.

Making an Instagram Business account won’t take too much time. Sign up now and start interacting with thousands of users per day.

Instagram bio feature would be a perfect way to increase awareness of your business among people out there.

You can take the help of Instagram Ads to get more followers to your page and increase your website traffic as well.

Insights could help you track how your ads are performing and other factors as well, like user engagement, impressions, link clicks and profile visits.

One can’t forget the Instagram story feature. It is the best way to keep followers engaged by asking questions, making polls, and entertaining them with some meme content. It actually works.

Make sure your posts have quality hashtags so they would get more impressions, likes, and comments as well.

3. Twitter.

Monthly Active Users: Over 300 Million

Although Twitter has not crossed half of a billion users/month, it is one of the best social media platforms for a business. It connects your business with what’s happening in the world right now.

All the thoughtful people you would find on Twitter.

Use trendy hashtags to have your tweets on the trending page so more users would be able to know about your services, and your followers’ list would automatically start increasing.

You can make polls to seize your followers’ attention, and don’t forget about getting feedback from them. The more good reviews you’d collect, the more your business is likely to succeed.

4. Snapchat.

Monthly Active Users: 600 Million

Besides clicking filtered pictures, Snapchat can do many more things. It has the best engagement of users among all the social media apps we have today.

Snapchat generously increases your site’s traffic and boosts engagement. People are more likely to know about your brand via this app.

If one wants to target youngers, Snapchat is the only key he can have to do so.

For small entrepreneurs, Snapchat has the potential to grow their startups.

As far as marketing is concerned, you can promote your services and build your trust by targeting a specific demographic.

Snapchat ads service is up to the mark. They promise you to interact with those Snapchatter who are interested in your business.

5. TikTok.

Monthly Active Users: 1 Billion

TikTok was launched in 2016, and in no time, it crossed users over one billion. That’s really astonishing.

However, TikTok keeps getting banned in different countries around the world since people have the freedom to post whatever they wish.

Today, we are not only bound to pictures or videos over 10 minutes. People could really find fun watching 1-minute content also.

This social app has a great amount of audience. You can make your business profile right on it.

You can make short ads about your products and post them on TikTok but make sure they’re helpful and entertaining as well.

*All the monthly active users’ statistics have been noted from statista.com (2021).

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